Below are the current standard club swimming and water polo training times.  The venue for these sessions is Salt Ayre, unless stated otherwise. Access to the additional sessions shown below is by prior arrangement with your coach. See additional notes on swim training sessions at the foot of this section.

There are three groups for water polo.

  • Mini Water Polo – Sunday Session 
  • Junior Water Polo - Thursday Session
  • Senior Water Polo – Tuesday And Thursday Sessions

Swimmers are in six categories.

  • Learn to Compete
  • Competitive Development
  • Squad 1
  • Squad 2
  • Squad 3
  • Masters Swimmers

To find out which category you are in speak to your coach to find out more about the Swimming entry requirements and targets, aims and progress of each squad.


  • 19.30 till 21.00 – Swimming at Heysham Pool (additional swim session)


  • 19.00 till  20.00 – Competitive Development & Squad 1 
  • 20.00 till  21.00 – Squads 2,3 and Masters
  • 20.00 till 21.30 - Senior Water Polo (Swim 20.00 till 21.00 - Game Play 21.00 till 21.30)


  • 19.30 till 21.00 – Swimming at Heysham Pool (additional swim session)


  • 19.45 till 21.00 - Junior Water Polo
  • 20.30 till 21.30 – Senior Water Polo


  • 18.30 till 19.30 – Competitive Development & Squad 1
  • 18.30 till 20.45 – Squad 3 (first hour is additional swim session)
  • 19.30 till 21.00 – Squad 2 and Masters


  • 15.00 till 15.45 – Learn to Compete
  • 15.00 till 16.00 – Competitive Development
  • 16.00 till 18.00 – Squads 1, 2, 3 and Masters
  • 16.00 till 16.30 - Mini Water Polo

Additional notes for Swim Training Sessions: 

There are three main core swimming sessions, Sunday, Tuesday and Friday evenings. 

There are two main types of club training membership offered to our swimmers, one session per week or three sessions per week.

Swimmers who attend one session/week are generally development swimmers and will attend the Sunday session 3 till 4pm, where the pool is staffed and set up to cater for this. 

Squad swimmers and those Competitive Development swimmers who have committed to taking the next step towards competing will attend the three main sessions/week, these being Sunday (3 till 4pm and 4 till 6pm dependant on group), Tuesday (7 till 8pm and 8 till 9pm dependant on group) and Friday (6:30 till 7:30pm and 7:30 till 9pm dependant on group). These three session per week swimmers are classed as full paying members and as such currently enjoy access to a further additional sessions (subject to availability and ability confirmed by their coach), these being Monday and Wednesday evenings (7.30 to 9.00pm). 

These additional sessions are funded by the club in order to promote and develop the competitor in achieving County, Regional and National level qualification. They are also available to full paying polo members (subject to availability and ability confirmed by their coach).