The Committee is held every third Thursday of the month. The Committee consists of the President, Secretary, Treasurer, Life members, Welfare Officer and 14 elected members all of whom must be members of the Club.

The Committee shall be responsible for the management of the club and shall have the sole right of appointing and determining the terms and conditions of service of employees of the club. The committee shall have power to enter into contracts for the purposes of the club on behalf of all the members of the club.

In addition to the committee there are some sub-groups that report back to the main committee – including the Coaches, Welfare and Swim-Mark.

President –  Paul Britton

Treasurer – Matt Johnson

Club Secretary – Louise Park

Committee Members

  • Ahmed Agha
  • Eleanor Birkett
  • Sue Burnett
  • Catie Giles
  • Alex Graves
  • Emma Hodgson
  • Mei Jumah
  • Dan Lambert
  • Philippa Molloy
  • Greg Pawlina
  • Marc Robinson
  • Nigel Sharpe
  • Scott Sharpe
  • Robert Simpson
  • Katie Turnbull
  • Matt Wilson

Marketing And Press Officer - Sue Burnett

Development Coach - Catie Giles, Junior Water Polo

Welfare Officer – Sarah Buchan

Club Life Members: A Daykin, K Bradley, R Detko, R Flude, D Holmes, G Shingler, T Detko, A Wilson

Independent Examiner – CWR Accountants

  • Finance is currently integrated within the regular committee meetings