Aid Swimming and Water Polo to compete in 2022-23

Like everything in the world the cost of doing anything has increased and therefore the cost of our club competing has also increased.
This year we are looking for donations and sponsorship to help continue to let the club grow and compete at the highest level.
Lancaster City compete in various leagues and open swimming competitions.  We have also been in the top division for water polo for over 30 years.   We are proud have been crowned National Champions on numerous occasions, our last win int he British championships was in 2017.
To enter this competition it costs over £3000 to compete the BWP national league, then ongoing costs of  travel,  putting the team up for the weekends and players being able to support themselves while away.
This year we have no ‘local’ venues so
We are asking for help to support the team and the club to Be The Best It Can Be.