Lancaster City competes in the North Lanc’s and North West Region leagues.

Lancaster City have a long history of competing in the North Lancashire leagues. The leagues can be very competitive and the club tries to swim its strongest team. It’s always a difficult decision to leave out swimmers but parents must trust the judgement of its coaching staff in doing this.

The 3 main team events we take part in each year are


This competition is aimed at the following age groups U11, U13, U15 & Open

North Lancashire Swimming Association League

This competition is aimed at the following age groups U12, U14 & Open

Micro League North West

This competition is aimed at the following age groups U9,U10,U11 & U12 and is normally a swimmers first introduction to team competitions

How Does A Team Gala Work?

Team Selection

The Head Coach and the team manager make the selections for the team galas – usually selecting the swimmers with the best times. The club holds a list of current pb’s all swimmers fastest times and will occasionally time children where necessary.The head coach may take into account current swimming performance rather than just the swimmer’s personal best time (PB).

Coaches will inform those selected.

What To Take To A Team Gala

A swimmer needs two costumes, two pairs of goggles, two towels (one for poolside so that between the races they can get dry and stay warm), and two hats, they will also need plenty drinks and possibly some food – they are going to be poolside for about 3 hours so some jelly sweets/banana (nothing too filling) are also good a good idea. Parents will also need something to drink (and eat) as it is usually very warm and humid at a swimming pool. Dress in such a way that you can cope with very hot conditions.

What Happens At The Gala

Once at the gala the swimmers have to go off and change and then have to go poolside by themselves. Parents are not allowed poolside unless they are one of the volunteers helping to manage the team. This can be a bit daunting especially for those younger swimmers in the first couple of galas. There will be coaches and timekeepers from each club on the poolside to make sure that the children are ok and in the right place for each of their races. Swimmers should stay poolside during the duration of the gala unless otherwise arranged with the coaches and letting them know when they leave. This is so coaches are able to ensure your child is where they are supposed to be. Swimmers must not go to the spectator area.
What do the parents and supporters do? They get to get to sit poolside and cheer on the swimmers – if you’re lucky the pool will have proper tiered spectator seating – otherwise you end up sitting very close to the pool. There is also a small charge for spectators, and maybe a raffle or two to raise funds for the hosting club.
The swimmers need to be poolside in time to participate in the warm up.