The below is designed to give you information on certain things you may hear about at the club


There are two different Types of Swimming Galas:

  • Team Galas where the club competes as a team against other clubs in Leagues
  • Open Meets are galas where the swimmer competes individually in licensed meets.

P.B.s or Personal Bests

PB means Personal Best. There is a bit of an obsession with PB’s, you will begin to get obsessed if your child is a keen swimmer, be aware of the conversations you have with and in front of your child about pb’s and placings as this can be a lot of pressure for young children.

Swim England holds a database of all official times recorded at licensed open galas. These are the times needed for most meet entries.

Once your child has recorded official times at a licensed gala you can go to Swim England web site to see where your child is ranked at county, regional and national level.

Swim England Swimmers Classification

There are three Classification groups

Cat 1

This classification is basically for young new swimmers who are starting off in swimming and have just joined the club in the junior group. This provides insurance whilst the swimmer is at training and at some low level (level 4) galas.

The Cat 1 ASA membership fee is included in the annual club membership fee.

Cat 2

This classification is for the more competitive swimmer who is selected to swim for the club in Central Lancashire league galas or who wish to enter licensed swim meets like the North Lanc’s Age Group galas, or Blackpool & Preston galas etc Swimmers also need to be registered as Cat 2 to compete in Lancashire County and North West region meets.

Your child’s coach will advise if your child needs to be registered as Cat 2 with Swim England

Cat 3

This classification is for all volunteers with the club.